Top 3 tips: Travelling with Jewellery

May 04, 2016

February 26, 2016

If you are like us, you love to travel in style. Packing your treasured outfits and jewellery pieces can be a little daunting. Travelling with jewelry can be tricky. Our favorite pieces have a knack for tangling up or getting lost in our luggage. While there are many great ideas afloat on the web, we thought we'd compile some great jewelry travel tips here for you. Below are our top 3 favorites: 

  1. Cut plastic drinking straws to size and feed your chain necklaces through the straw. Then clasp the ends together to prevent tangling on its self and other pieces.
  2. Use vitamin/pill containers for smaller pieces (i.e. Studs, bracelets...) this technique also provides for easy viewing of your options! 
  3. If you are a little less D.I.Y., and looking for a smart investment, there are some great travel cases specifically designed to organize and protect your jewelry while you jet set. They are stylish and practical for any globetrotter.

Now that you’ve got your jewelry packed where will you go?

Might we suggest a few more of our favorites…If you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation to totally unwind the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas on Maui has what you’re looking for; beautiful beaches, soothing waves and lots of sunshine to go with your dose of vitamin ‘sea’.  Not to mention fabulous pools and tropical cocktails to sip while watching the sunset. (photos courtesy of @megankyleinc)

If a European getaway is more your style, might we suggest the majestic vineyards of Tuscany? An oasis just a short drive outside Montalcino is Terrasole  Owners Mario and Athena Bolag are quintessential hosts.  Stay at the Villa Terrasole 3 bedroom guesthouse or the romantic Studio Fonte Lattaia – Private 1 Bedroom Villa.  From touring Terrasole ’s private vineyards in the famed Brunello wine region (wine tasting a must) the towns of Montalpucino and Sienna are breathtaking day trips through the Italian countryside of Tuscany.

 Be sure to let us know your jewelry travel tips below and on our FB or IG post @megankyleinc.  Happy travels ~ Cheers Lorraine