Our sustainability story has grown.  Since 2021 our kimonos are made from upcycled, recycled or dead stock fabric!  We are proud to be part of the global sustainability story keeping fabrics out of landfills in Japan, Canada, and the USA. 

East meets West in our globally inspired kimonos.  More than fashion we have infused our kimonos with intentions for peace, harmony and sustainability.  Fabrics include vintage silk Japanese kimonos, Indian saris and dead stock (overstock) from major distributors.  Quality choices in fabric types, colour and wearability remain a key focus. 

We have expanded our style offering of kimonos. A favourite featuring the Sanskrit mantra 'Om Shanti' - 'Peace for all living things' - is still available. New original art by Lorraine McElwain will printed using environmentally friendly processes in Canada by Design Your Fabric.  We hope to share positive energy for all who wear the kimono.  We believe people of all cultures and ages are beautiful.  We encourage all who wear our kimonos to share your inner beauty, grace and wisdom - own your power! The world needs your joy. 

Your Story. Your Way. 
Designed and made in Canada