Your Story | Your Way
Beauty Speaks. Wear Your Story.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

The MeganKyle woman is confident, bold and wears her 'joie de vivre' for all to see! We celebrate your desire to seamlessly mix fashion forward, classic and laid-back signature pieces with an element of ethnic accents.   Wear your story - your way - today and tomorrow!
Beauty Speaks.Wear Your Story.Bohemian Vibe - our Candra, Sage & Isolde Collections

The circle is  a symbol of life, strength and eternity.  Our large sterling silver idiom pendants are designed using subtle textures such as coin finished edges, hand engraving and custom patinas.  Their lotus leaf bales are inspired from the lush vegetation of Bali.  They can be worn on our sterling silver chains and metal chokers.  The words 'Grace', 'Beauty' and 'Wisdom' express our belief that every woman across generations and cultures shares the special qualities of  'Grace.Beauty.Wisdom’.  How she chooses to express these qualities to people in her life is unique to her alone – her story.