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The Covid-19 epidemic has left its mark on international luxury stores - Glamour Hungary 10/27/2020

MeganKyle Co Founder & Lead Designer - Lorraine McElwain
New York Fashion Week

September 2020

Lily Ravas - Lily Ravas Brand ManagementNew York Street Style - MeganKyle Style


Happy Holidays! The lucky winner of our first annual MeganKyle Style Family member contest to 'Win Your Gifts' purchased November 20 - December 15, 2019 is Ed A. from Calgary, AB.  Thank you to our amazing tribe for shopping local and including us in your holiday gift giving! xo 


A fabulous 27th Chefs for UNICEF Water for Life Gala!

This annual Halifax event raised more than $294,000.  The generous support of of Canadians is always overwhelming.  In addition to the funds raised the event also sold 44 water pumps which will now provide clean drinking water for more than 6,600 people for 10 years and 312 Water for Life Bundles that will provide families with what is needed to purify water, stay clean and treat diseases from waterborne illnesses.

The funds raised at a this years Gala will help support water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure in 40 schools in Uganda reaching over 210,000 girls.  A lack of appropriate toilets, washing facilities and clean water is a significant barrier to education, particularly for adolescent girls.  Support is vital for the continued development of this much-needed infrastructure thereby enhancing secondary education for girls.

We remain proud and dedicated to our partnership with UNICEF Canada and their life-saving work for every child!

Thank you to everyone who supported our small business this year allowing us to make a positive difference in our world.


Lorraine & Lorne 

 2018 - A Year of Blessings

We want to recognize and thank our amazing MeganKyle customers – our family. Without you our ability to contribute to local and international charities would not be possible.  In 2018 we celebrated our third year partnering with UNICEF Canada’s 26th UNICEF Water for Life Gala in Calgary.  The event raised an extraordinary $1.1 M and sold 441 water pumps which will now provide clean water for more than 66,000 people for 10 years. 

 We also marked our second year of support for the 26th Chefs for UNICEF Water for Life Gala in Halifax.  The evening raised over $287,000 and sold 21 water pumps – providing clean water for more than 3,100 people for 10 years and 364 Water for Life Bundles that will provide families with what is needed to purify water, stay clean and treat diseases from waterborne illnesses.

 Additionally, the funds raised at the Gala in Halifax will help UNICEF reach 210,00 adolescent girls through the UNdaunted program in the West Nile region of Uganda.  The program will improve the availability of appropriate sanitation and washing facilities, it turn, ensuring these girls have the educational opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their communities and future career pathways.

 Local charity Sagesse held a fundraising event here in Calgary – Eat Play Love.  Their mission to support women impacted by domestic violence by increasing their overall wellbeing and safety was a natural fit for MeganKyle. The word ‘sagesse’ means ‘wisdom’ – a quality we believe women across all ages and cultures share – a core essence to help themselves and others heal, learn and grow. The event raised $31,365. 

Mark your calendars for the 2019 Sagesse fundraising event to be held on November 3, 2019. 

Here is to a fabulous 2019!

UNICEF Gala 2018

We are honoured to continue our support of UNICEF Canada's Water for Life Gala hosted annually in Calgary, AB.  The 2018 event will be held on November 3. Check out their video featuring the 2017 Gala for more information. We encourage all who are reading this to support UNICEF Canada's amazing work in any way you can.  Every donation whether of time or treasure makes a difference. Below is a link to their donation page. Unicef Canada  

As seen in British Vogue -  2017

We are proud to have the 'Freya' cuff from our Candra collection featured by British Vogue in their May issue's - 'Gilt Trippers' feature!  Here is what they had to say, " The MeganKyle woman celebrates her 'joie de vivre' with panache.  Wherever her travels take her, she seamlessly layers her favourite MeganKyle jewellery with treasures from her life.  Their Freya cuff is an evolution of traditional shapes, textures and silver reflecting the influences in their designs. "  - British Vogue  MAY 2017

British Vogue - Gilt Trippers feature May 2017Candra Collection - FREYA cuff

 "Canadian jewellery label MeganKyle was established in 2013 by designer Lorraine McElwain, inspired by her life’s journey blending eastern
and western influences. Collections are infused with spiritual elements, a kaleidoscope of materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Her jewellery embodies a relaxed luxurious style for women who love to surround themselves with beauty." - British Vogue - JUNE 2017





As Seen in  Conde Nast Traveller Magazine - 2017

Tabatha Tahitian Pearls - Audrey Collection
  September 2017 Issue


 “UNICEF Canada and the Water for Life Gala Committees are grateful for the support from MeganKyle through their generous donations of their beautiful jewellery to the auctions for both the Water for Life Gala in Calgary, AB as well as in Halifax, NS. Their non-wavering support helps to ensure that the two Galas are successful in raising funds to help save children’s lives around the world through supporting UNICEF’s global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs. Your commitment to the world’s children helps UNICEF make an incredible impact every day in the hardest to reach parts of the world. Thank you MeganKyle for believing, like us, that no child is too far.”



2016 Calgary UNICEF Water for Life Gala





2016 UNICEF Water for Life Gala

Congratulations to UNICEF Canada on another exceptional ‘Sold Out’ gala in Calgary that raised almost $920,000. This impressive accomplishment in a challenging economy is a testament to the powerfully tangible, life influencing impact UNICEF programs have on the lives of millions of people around the world.  Calgarians are known worldwide as being generous of heart and ready to be part of something greater; especially the lives of children.  Never truer than in times of personal hardships and economic challenges is man’s ability to give from a place of grace. 

We are very proud and humbled to have played a small role in this year’s event through a donation of one of our favourite pearl pieces - our Fireball freshwater pearl ‘Penelope’ necklace.  Congratulations to the lucky winner.   The money raised this year is supporting 2 projects.

* Improving the health and living conditions for over 5,800 people living in 10 remote villages in Chad. The program supported will construct boreholes and water pumps to provide clean, safe drinking water, and will build latrine blocks in schools and health centres to improve sanitation coverage.
* Improving water resilience for over 60,000 people - including 20,000 children - in rural Mongolia. The program will create community-based Water Safety Plans to ensure the ongoing safe supply of drinking water and will improve water quality at the household-level through education on water treatment methods and safe storage in the home. 

Our support of UNICEF Canada’s annual Water for Life Gala and other global initiatives in support of children and clean drinking water would not be possible without YOU - our wonderful family.  We thank all who have made a purchase; choosing to authentically ‘Wear Your Story’.  Your special piece of jewellery supports our shared value of giving back to a global community.  At MeganKyle we believe the qualities of beauty (heart light), grace and wisdom are present in all of us.  They transcend all ages and cultures. Especially during the holidays.  We send our heartfelt wishes for a meaningful holiday season with your friends and family! 

Happy Holidays, 

Lorraine and the MeganKyle team