Between the Seasons

November 19, 2023

Between the Seasons

Between the seasons …

There is always love.

We are blessed to have new members in our MeganKyle family. Hello and welcome! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my journey as co-founder and lead designer. My design ethos. For those interested in learning more pop over to our Our Story page at

Celebrate a life of contrasts… old & new, vibrant and muted, bold and soft. Life is a kaleidoscope of experiences stitched together with love. Friendships bring colourful threads that weave into our life’s story. We believe your wardrobe should be the friend that speaks volumes about who you are in a given moment. No words required.

People love the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ moments. Not necessarily the in between moments that connect the two.

At MeganKyle we settle into the between moments. Our eclectic design ethos leans into  celebrating a life of contrasts breathing new life into pieces, concepts and upcycled art.

This philosophy serves multiple purposes. I love the ‘ah ha’ stages as new visions for elements that otherwise might not be combined sing with energy. Layers of  individual histories merge. Soul stories blend and a new story emerges.  Ready for the new collector/wearer to add their journey to it; lovely new memories.

This additive process honours my inspiration to create something new that hopefully will resonate with people. I enjoy harnessing imperfections - their energy informs future desires, decisions you will make because of them. In my art, I harness the love of the messy beauty of life - happiness in the unpredictability of it - imperfections.

There are rich flavours in the juxtaposition of blending remnant vintage fabrics, paint and upcycled bits and bobs. A blend of energies brings a certain ‘joie de vivre’ to our designs that are often intangible. You have to wear a piece to feel its story. There is an intimate conversation between you and the items you choose to wear.



Lorraine xo