Our Story

 MeganKyle was created in celebration of our ‘joie de vivre’. It leads us around the globe feeding a curiosity to explore, learn and share the beauty of the world around us.  We relish expanding our knowledge of life through diverse perspectives and traditions.  Each experience brings a deeper connection to spirit and us.  Part of our journey creating MeganKyle included using ancient Runes in our logo.  The 'M' and 'K' graphic are interpreted from a bind Rune of 'M' and 'X' = harmony and peace. 

Lorraine’s passion for art, design and travel brings a global signature influence to our collections. The eclectic relaxed luxury style of her designs is the fusion of diverse cultures. Lorraine believes in empowering women to speak their truth - offering words of inspiration with bold signature elements so they can tell their story | their way.  Her goal is to bring happiness to the powerful women who wear her pieces. They can be worn individually or mixed and layered - infusing whimsical charm. MeganKyle jewellery and clothing enables a woman to share who she is in a given moment.

Our company name comes from our desire to honour the memory and spirit of our children Kyle and Megan.  Megan means ‘little pearl’ and Kyle means ‘straight of water’.  Pearls like people are unique.  They are celebrated for their purity and known as nature’s ‘art’.  Guided by a philosophy to embrace life with curiosity and courage our daughter Jordana brings her diverse talents to our team.


Our holistic approach to business recognizes and includes the importance of giving back. Sharing blessings with those less fortunate is an important element at the core of MeganKyle. The balance of serving people in need through thoughtful support that provides meaningful and measurable impact is a cornerstone of our commitment to community; both in Canada and globally. We are proud to partner with UNICEF Canada in support of their global water initiatives.

We hope you will find a sense of pleasure, empowerment and beauty in our collections.

The McElwain's