Our Materials

MeganKyle designs use high quality materials sourced from around the globe. Pieces are designed and created by professional jewelers, local artisans and manufacturers. At MeganKyle we use genuine freshwater and saltwater pearls; gemstones; precious metals; stainless steel; rhodium; sterling silver; gold and gold plated base metal findings; crystals and zirconia.

Our Pearls and gemstones are hand selected by experts to ensure quality and esthetic balance for our designs.

“Life’s treasures should be shared and enjoyed every day. Don’t wait for so called ‘special moments’ to create rich experiences…soak up every moment of every day. Believe in and express yourself. While jewelry is an adornment and wearing it won’t magically change your life; it can build confidence, create a mood, lift your spirits, bring a smile to your face or someone else’s, spark a conversation…offer a way to share your story.” — Lorraine