June 01, 2020


CHAKRA: Crown, 7th Chakra
ZODIAC:  Gemini, Cancer

Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone are the three birthstones for June.

In our June blog we will focus on the pearl gemstone.  To learn more about all three gemstones visit the GIA birthstone guide www.gia.edu/birthstones/june-birthstones

The simple grace and beauty of pearls has inspired people for centuries.  When designed into jewelry the results are often incredible pieces of wearable art. Their timeless beauty transcends cultures and trends. Why wear imitation pearls when you can afford to wear the real thing. Pearls – like people – take time to grow, need to be nurtured and are not perfect; although some get really close. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes too. 1

Pearls have long been considered beacons of light for those who see the world through spiritual lenses. In Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism, the “flaming pearl” celebrates our wisdom and invites awareness of the divine. For healers and shamans, pearls have been known through the ages as conduits for relaxation and helpful for introspection. 2

Pearls are associated with the seventh chakra; also known as the crown chakra. This chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower with a thousand petals that resemble a crown. Bodily concerns are left behind, and the focus of energy resides in the space just above the head.

Pearl is a 30th Anniversary gemstone.


Not just your mother’s pearls – our pearls are meant to be worn everyday by beautiful, graceful and wise women of all ages – grandmothers, mothers, and daughters – all women – you."

— Lorraine, Founder MeganKyle



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