Barefoot in Bali

October 26, 2016

Barefoot in Bali

Do things that make your heart sing!  

Recently my inner voice was calling me to return to Bali. I was following the whispers (which had grown over the last few years to loud, persistent chatter) to deepen my connection to my spiritual self. To dare to explore my possibilities and highest potential. Could I embrace my inner goddess? Realize the power of Devine feminine energy? 

I share my story as it translates to my evolving design aesthetics. 

There is a certain chaos to Bali.  If you push aside the curtain and experience the wonders of a generous and spiritual people your heart will grow. Hidden inside chaos there is calm.  Ancient, wisdom cultures teach us to dive beneath layers of surface chaos. To approach our lives from a place of pure energy.  If we stay curious the universe will lead you to it. It will leave breadcrumbs along the way to guide you; pique your interest. 

This journey of self discovery is not for the timid. Brave, bold women willing to walk through the chaos know this. What starts as a whisper - a soft echo builds to a crescendo as the breadcrumbs get bigger. 

The tapping on my shoulder to create jewellery that inspires, affirms and connects women to their own story of self-expression won't be ignored. It is a recognition of the power of divine, feminine Goddess energy! A side note to the energy I receive from creating is the pleasure and power I feel when I wear a piece of jewellery that was worn by my grandmother or mother.  Women who faced challenges and lived out loud.  Layering vintage and new pieces inspires me.  Wear your story - your way.

Yummy Stuff!!!                                                                                 

As I evolve so too will my designs and messages behind them.  I am honoured to be blessed to create wearable art that gives women the opportunity to share their beauty, grace and wisdom with the world.  There will be lumps and bumps along the way - we all know this first hand. I encourage all women to stay strong, believe in themselves and stay in the game as there is no ‘right way’ to live your life.  It's okay to put your foot on the gas petal and drive into tomorrow with optimism, butterflies in your stomach and dreams for the future. Every action you take is an investment in YOU. Rise strong my fellow Goddesses!!!

Ciao for now,