MeganKyle Style Guide

May 31, 2016

MeganKyle Style Guide


The MeganKyle woman beats to her own drum. Travels and life experiences influence your approach to life. Your individuality is expressed in your unique tastes in fashion. You seamlessly blend global influences, timeless classics and current trends depending on your mood. 

 MeganKyle jewellery is of the moment without being trendy.  Classic designs and elements transcend seasons. Let us help you pull together go-to pieces that are part of your unique style story

The Look:  Bohemian + Globetrotter

Style tip - Bring the world to your wardrobe

 The Elements     

- gypsy poet

- wanderer

- hand-hewn textures & patinas

  • intricate details
  • global

 How to build a Bohemian Style

 Shop Vintage

*Consignment/Thrift shops

*scour flea markets, estate sales, garage sales 

Mix Metals

* Combine silver, gold, brass & copper

*Add touches of texture like a hammered finish or time worn patina

Layer Your Pieces

*Stacks of bangles and rings have an authentic 'gypsy' vibe 

*Mix resin, metals, wood, leather and fabric to amp up an ethnic global feeling

*Moroccan, beach, tribal patterns and shapes

 The Look:  Classic + Timeless

Style tip - Bring a crisp elegant hallmark style to your wardrobe

 The Elements:

- serious and proper with a romantic flair

- regal & sophisticated

-  posh

 How to Build a Classic Style

 Keep it Simple & Clean   

* Crisp tailored white shirts

* Wool, linen, silk or cotton pants and skirts

* Pleats & belts

* Solid colours or traditional patterns like herringbone, open- plaid, paisley

* Shift dresses

* A touch of romance - pearl button covers or a ribbon twisted in your chignon

* Pieces that never go out of style  

 Quality Accessories

* silk scarf

* Pearl jewellery

* Diamond stud earrings    

* Gemstone jewellery 

* Vintage watch

*Choose favourites that endure the test of time and trends

 Traditional Colour Palette

* whites, creams, black, greys, browns

* Hits of silver, gold,brass 

* Chrome and glass/crystal accents (shoe buckles, hair pins or brooches)

* Mix vintage and modern pieces of similar palettes creating a hallmark look


The Look:   Whimsical + Colourful

Style tip - Don't be afraid to be original and bring a whimsical flair to your wardrobe.

 The Elements:

- Bold  shapes, lines & textures

- kaleidoscope of colour

- unexpected pairings

- juxtaposition 

- fresh

- tropical 

How to build a whimsical and colourful style

 Embrace Diversity

* Dare to Be Different 

* Add elements of the unexpected to each outfit

*Step outside accepted style trends & mix them together to tell your story

 Get Bold with Colour and Patterns

* Try your hand mixing pastels, primaries and metallics 

* Combine patterns - Stripes and florals, polka dots and paisley. Scale print size and colour palettes for cohesiveness

 Statement Accessories

  • Experiment with mixing vintage and new pieces to add extra character and texture to an outfit
  • Colourful gemstone pieces add sparkle and glamour
  • Refresh your style with key pieces that withstand trends - elements that build the foundation of your story
  • Add key pieces with the year’s hottest hues

 Your personality shines when you wear jewellery that expresses how you feel. Go shine brightly!