Bali, Beijing & Beyond

May 03, 2016

July 9, 2014


Our goal to include a global influence in our collections recently led us to Bali, Indonesia.image[1].jpeg While in Bali we developed our new sterling silver collection ‘Candra’.  Recognized worldwide as gifted silversmiths the amazing artisans of Bali contributed to the exceptional craftsmanship of each piece of the collection. The creative process of taking ideas and translating them to design sketches that evolve into finished pieces to form a new collection of work has been exhilarating.  The collaboration has created a collection that embraces historic meaning with personal inspiration.



My philosophy to our new collection was to evolve our designs - to use traditional shapes, pearls and silver to reflect the global cultural influences behind the story of MeganKyle.  To connect that influence with our belief that every woman shares the special qualities of ’ Grace.Beauty.Wisdom’.  That these three words capture the essence of all women across generations and cultures.  How she chooses to express these qualities to people in her life is unique to her alone – her story.

Across cultures geometric shapes have been included in the fabric of society.  Circles universally symbolize ’unity’, ‘oneness’ and ‘completeness’.  Squares symbolize the physical world; laws and regulations.  While the circle and square are geometric shapes elements such as line, colour and texture add a depth of organic influence.  Circles have been part of the human story  from the creation of the wheel, coins and wedding bands as well as spiritual worship; including at the ancient temple of New Grange in Ireland.  A square within a circle some speculate to represent the unity of heaven and earth. Square represents Earth. Circle represents Heaven. You can see this in the some of the ancient coins from Asia.

The luster of freshwater button and mother of pearl components are in stark contrast with our custom oxidized finishes creating visual tension. 

The name ‘Candra’ comes from an Indonesian love story about a princess – Candra Kirana of Kedini.  Candra was the incarnation of Dewi Raith, goddess of love, and her name means “glowing like the moon”.  Our circle shapes, some hammered and patina oxidized silver, have a unique glowing quality reminiscent of the moon on a cloudy night.  We also like to believe that Candra -as an incarnation of the Indonesian goddess of love - would have the special qualities of ‘Grace.Beauty.Wisdom’.

This layering of design elements creates an energy to ‘Candra’ that we hope will bring a smile and inspire you to wear pieces of the collection to tell your story.



“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”   

- Georgia O’Keefe