Get Up and Go!

May 03, 2016

June 27, 2014

The last seven months have been an adventure to say the least!  I am excited to share what has been happening behind the scenes at MeganKyle.

While I wouldn’t go straight to ‘fun’ to describe all that has transpired since I last wrote I know that we are stronger for each and every experience along the way.  In my last post we were taking the first steps of a new journey.  Like a tapestry each step has been a thread to complete the picture of where we are today. 

From back-end administrative details that are so necessary to sustain our business that valued friends and clients rely on but don’t necessarily ‘see’ to designing and creating our new sterling silver collection ‘Candra’ we have been busy.  Every success and challenge has continued to shape our company growth.  Thanks goodness for humour, good wine and people who love and believe in us!  Reaching beyond our walls to community has played an important role as well.  We have enjoyed supporting local community events including the 'Heart Truth Gala' for the Heart and Stroke Foundation as well as the ‘Brandi Disterheft - Live at the Lakehouse’ concert for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. 

Our new partnership with Juno award winning Canadian jazz artist Brandi Disterheft has been personally and professionally rewarding.  As sponsors of her Canadian tour this summer we collaborated with Brandi and her PR agent Natalie Green Inc. to create a ‘style story’ for Brandi as she crosses our country from coast to coast performing in a variety of venues and media events.  Brandi's joie de vivre truly epitomizes the MeganKyle brand philosophy of spirituality, personality and energy: what empowers a woman to share who she is in a given moment. 

We are gearing up for the CanGift trade show taking place this August in Edmonton.  Another first for us – another thread in our tapestry.

Our goal is to share our experiences as new entrepreneurs; giving you front row seats to our story as we build our company…one step, one skinned knee and one enlightened moment at a time.  Thank you for sharing our journey.  We would love to hear from you too.





The beginning is always today

-          Mary Wollstonecraft