May 03, 2016

November 7, 2013

MeganKyle invites you to mix high fashion and fine jewelry. We encourage you to create new traditions blending treasured and new pieces together. A kaleidoscope of you – each combination you wear tells a story with the twist of a wrist. As you mix, match and layer a new look, you are turning the lens of your kaleidoscope.

Why wear imitation pearls when you can afford to wear the real thing. Pearls – like people – take time to grow, need to be nurtured and are not perfect; although some get real close. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes too.

Not just your mother’s pearls – our pearls are meant to be worn everyday by beautiful, graceful and wise women of all ages – grandmothers, mothers, and daughters – all women – you.

It’s like using your fine china everyday instead of leaving it locked up in a display cabinet to gather dust. Life’s treasures should be shared and enjoyed every day. Don’t wait for so called ‘special moments’ to create rich experiences…soak up every moment of every day. Believe in and express yourself. While jewelry is an adornment and wearing it won’t magically change your life; it can build confidence, create a mood, lift your spirits, bring a smile to your face or someone elses’, spark a conversation….offer a way to share your story.

We hope our collection inspires you to try something new… and remember to use your good china more too!