Air Angel Jean Jacket

Honouring the divine feminine as an element of the earth - AIR -  this thrifted hand painted jean jacket is a one of a kind. The details of the painted 'AIR Angel' with the glyph (ancient symbol) for air make a bold statement.  Additional features include a feather halo for hair with a hummingbird on one sleeve. In Native American folklore tribes attribute the symbolism of joy, speed and endurance to the Hummingbird. This little beauty is only a few ounces in weight, yet has the courage of a lion.

There are so many ways to add this wardrobe staple to your style story.  

Featuring the original artwork 'Air Angel', it is gently used with added details like double front stitched pockets and two button sleeves.  The fit is classic with regular wash denim colour. 

Brand: BUFFALO by David Bitton

Size: US Womens XS 

Cleaning and Care

Hand painted using acrylic fabric paints. This jacket should only be washed in cold on a delicate cycle to preserve the artwork. Hang dry.

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