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Timeless beauty that transcends cultures and trends. The simple grace and beauty of pearls has inspired people for centuries. When designed into jewelry the results are often incredible pieces of wearable art.


Classic meets modern with a twist that can take you from denim to black tie. Unexpected combinations that let you wear your colourful story.



An evolution of traditional shapes, pearls and silver to reflect the global cultural influences behind the story of MeganKyle.  To connect our belief that every woman across generations and cultures -you- shares the special qualities of ’Grace.Beauty.Wisdom’.  How you choose to express these qualities to people in your life is unique to you alone – your story.


La Mer

Inspired by the myths and treasures from the sea our  ‘La Mer’ collection boldly features mermaids and elements from ancient civilizations.  Meticulous attention to detail includes custom oxydization and hand picked gemstones.  This collection is both bold and  whimsical!



East meets West in our new globally inspired kimonos.  More than fashion we have infused our kimonos with intentions for peace and harmony.  Featuring the Sanskrit mantra 'Om Shanti' - 'Peace for all living things' - we hope to share positive energy for all who wear the kimono.  We believe women of all cultures and ages are beautiful.  Inspire the people in your life and the world around you.  Share your inner beauty, grace and wisdom - own your power!

Offerings Jewelry by Sajen

A curated collection of vintage jewelry pieces designed by Richard and Marianna Jacobs for Offerings Jewelry by SAJEN.  This exquisite capsule is available in Canada in partnership with MeganKyle.